Brutal Nature

Currently, you can download a free to play open beta of Brutal Nature with single player and multiplayer support. New versions are released every 2 to 5 weeks with new features and content so check back often. For currently supported features check out our information page!


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The developer is working full time on this game. pre-orders will be used to buy art assets and fund development.


System Requirements: 

  • Video: DirectX 10 capable video card with 512MB Video RAM
  • Operating System Supported: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • RAM: 1GB or greater
  • 700MB disk space

Current Version: 0.61

Download Brutal Nature:

downloadInstaller (360MB)


Zip Archive (415MB)


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Change Log

Released: 0.61

2016 June 3rd, Brutal Nature 0.61 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added normal mapping to all terrain textures
  • Added normal mapping to all avatars
  • Added normal mapping to most NPC's
  • Added normal mapping to most objects
  • Limited ram consumption under X64 to available physical ram
  • Fixed Grapple sticking to center of cubes.
  • Fixed server timeout on single player avatar select screen.
  • Fixed shooting at terrain with cubes behind the terrain.
  • Fixed spawning inside cube wall
  • Fixed getting stuck in cube wall by building cube wall
  • Fixed disabling GUI with menu open not hiding mouse.
  • Fixed quest callbacks still being called after skipping quest.


Released: 0.60

2016 February 21st, Brutal Nature 0.60 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added 1st person animations for one handed melee weapons and pistols.
  • Added sword, pickaxe, knife and pistol weapon models.
  • Added new flags to smsher import.
  • Added muzzle flash
  • Added new health bar graphics.
  • Added ability to add custom data to models via smsher scripts.
  • Added engine feature to mix multiple animations on the same character.
  • Added user edited map by Globalny-Chaos as default map.
  • Improved smsher and model rendering code.
  • Changed GUI textures to a black and gold flat theme.
  • Changes to model format: Models now inverted on the X instead of Z.
  • Changed compiler from MSVC2010 to MSVC2015
  • Reduced server map generation time by 95% (2000% faster)
  • Reduced spider walk/run animation speed considerably.
  • Fixed spider model animations.
  • Fixed cached chunks causing world corruption by increasing the hash to 64bits.
  • Fixed scale and offset to no longer apply twice to non animated models on import.
  • Fixed tunnel generation failures caused by not taking into account region distortion noise when picking starting chunk to generate tunnel.


Released: 0.59

2015 October 25th, Brutal Nature 0.59 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added water physics. Water now flows down hill until a certain slope angle is reached. This allows for water flow without all the rivers draining out.
  • Added swimming physics.
  • Added swimming animations.
  • Added new player stat: Air. Air decreases when under water and recovers when above water. When air reaches 0 you will take health damage and drown.
  • Added more mouse over and click effects to buttons.
  • Added text under cross-hair pop up for actions and low health/endurance/etc warnings and cfg option to show it in the HUD instead.
  • Added a branch cache to set/get voxel. This allows the octtree look up to be skipped when a voxel is within the same branch as last accessed.
  • Added random delay between songs. Delay is configurable in 'Brutal Nature.cfg'.
  • Added walking and swimming in water sound effects.
  • Added new underwater visual effect.
  • Added quest objectives display at top right corner of screen.
  • Changed quantity produced harvesting berries and mushroom to now depend partially on your endurance level at the time you harvest them. This simulates care taken while picking vs hurried picking.
  • Changed the 'Material' display when picking a material in edit mode to only display 1 decimal point.
  • Changed harvesting trees/bushes/rocks/etc to always causes endurance lost, even if it fails due to too low of endurance. This means just mass clicking on things will result in loss of endurance but no item. You now must time your clicks for when you have enough endurance.
  • Increased default viewing range.
  • Increased projectile drag when shooting through water.
  • Increased price of wood boards by 200%
  • Increased NPC count by 200%
  • Increased underground NPC's by 50%
  • Increased most plants in world by 400% to reflect the new larger world size.
  • Removed quest reminder messages.
  • Fixed sphere mode using the wrong amount of materials.
  • Fixed bug where right clicks would activating game features while in the GUI menu.
  • Fixed bug in last stage of tutorial quest where wrong audio file was played.
  • Fixed shutting down the game taking a long time due to deallocating the many chunk cache objects.
  • Fixed 32bit client to execute 32bit server when single player mode is selected.
  • Fixed problem with shadows having holes when terrain exceeded 500 feet.
  • Fixed rendering lag by fixing the server voxel packet throttling code that was broken by the new client side voxel packet cache.
  • Fixed voxel editing bug where sometimes the brush did not remove all the voxels it should have.
  • Fixed NPC's seeing through cube mode walls and being able to attack through them.
  • Fixed collision bug where bullets hitting water would not be rechecked for collision with terrain till next frame.

Released: 0.58

2015 September 10th, Brutal Nature 0.58 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added description to all Cases and Case Dies.
  • Added chunk cache system.
  • Added 'take all' button to amount dialog menus.
  • Added distance limit to cube editing mode.
  • Added larger fonts to better support 4k resolution.
  • Added helpful error message when trying to place material with none selected.
  • Added shift click edit mode for cube mode.
  • Added GetConfigInt/Bool/Float to gScript so scripts can now read the server.cfg file.
  • Added translation system. You now should be able to install/remove mods, items, etc without corrupting saves.    
  • Changed voxels to be 2x size of previous versions.
  • Changed voxel preview box to be slightly bigger so it does not flicker when on top of cube mode.
  • Changed how voxels are meshed to help prevent some voxels turning into a super thin line that is near impossible to see.
  • Changed Handles to be easier to cast in bulk and require 20% as much heat to cast and forge.
  • Changed movement code. Climbing stairs now works much better.
  • Changed voxel branch processing to spread out over multiple frames. Branch processing is abandoned after CPU time exceeds 10mS for the frame and continued on the next frame.
  • Changed Money to be an item, so it can be dropped, put into chests and traded between players.
  • Optimized chunk loading.
  • Optimized chunk upload to the video card.
  • Improved the descriptions for some items.
  • Increased Material recovered per voxel by 100%
  • Increased Endurance to mine voxels by 100%
  • Increased amount of dirt and sand to make mud bricks.
  • Increased frequency of Hematite deposites.
  • Crafting recipes you can make any of now show up as orange.
  • Reduced Wood Planks and Stone Brick terrain materials to mining level 2
  • Sperrylite and Chalcopyrite moved to forest biome. Pyrite moved to beach biome.
  • Fixed C and Shift+C to work for cubes.
  • Fixed bug where some terrain vertices where not being used for collision.
  • Fixed cubes not casting shadows.
  • Fixed lighting to work again after voxel rescale.
  • Fixed underground NPC spawning to work with the new voxel world.
  • Fixed bugs relating to mining with the new voxel world.
  • Fixed buttons being 16 pixels too wide on the right side.
  • Fixed bug where a low viewing distance could cause all objects to not render.
  • Fixed bug when replacing a larger cube with a smaller one.
  • Fixed bug where hInstance was not being passed to window code.
  • Fixed button hit zone.
  • Fixed containers holding small quantities that appeared as 0.
  • Fixed bug relating to quest audio being removed from audio validation list by quest end when it should have just been callbacks being cleared.
  • Fixed bug when editing cubes on render chunk boarders.
  • Fixed tutorial weapon select stage to respond to number hotkeys as well as mouse wheel.


Released: 0.57

2015 July 5th, Brutal Nature 0.57 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added a new Cube based building system, supporting cubes down to 1.5" in size.    
  • Added Bullet Physics as the physics engine in Brutal Nature.
  • Added new man made material textures: Concrete, Wood Planks and Bricks.
  • Added error message when PC's do not meet min VRAM requirements.
  • Fixed bug where server would refuse to start due to uninitialized variable.
  • Fixed Grapple having low torque at lower FPS.