Brutal Nature

Currently, you can download a free to play alpha of Brutal Nature. New versions are released every 2 to 4 weeks with new features and content so check back often. For currently supported features check out our information page!


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The developer is working full time on this game. pre-orders will be used to buy art assets and fund development.


System Requirements: 

  • Video: DirectX 10 capable video card with 512MB Video RAM
  • Operating System Supported: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM: 1GB or greater

Current Version: 0.40

Download Client:

downloadInstaller (125MB)


Zip Archive (147MB)


How to play

Download Server:

downloadInstaller (134MB)


Zip Archive (154MB)


How to host


Change Log

Released: 0.40

March 31st, 0.39 is now released:



  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added electricity.
  • Added Wire placement system.
  • Added a better building placement system.
  • Added depth dependent sub regions and moved the majority of ores underground.
  • Added 'Kaolin' clay as a new terrain material.
  • Added 'Mud Bricks' and 'Fire Bricks'.
  • Added Refractory mortar.
  • Added 2.5KW and 10KW Generators
  • Added Wall Light
  • Added Junction box and Ceiling junction box.
  • Added sound effect for running generator, along with start up and shutdown sounds.
  • Added 5 new terrain textures.
  • Added 2 new grass textures.
  • Added 4 new rock models.
  • Added forge model
  • Added an electric powered smelter to the game.
  • Added stone and mud bricks to the game. Both made at the table.
  • Added new intermediate table and basic forge.
  • Added stop button to smelters.
  • Changed tons of recipes.
  • Changed terrain generation.
  • Double clicking a fuel now adds the exact amount needed if a recipe has been selected.
  • Better handling of low FPS movement.
  • Left/Right arrow keys now change tab in GUI.
  • Updated Angelscript to 2.28.2.
  • Moved Esc menu buttons around.
  • Changed the grass texture and
  • Increased texture scale on the terrain by 2x.
  • Reduced running speed slightly.
  • Halved speed of mining.
  • Server now saves/loads spawn points.
  • Changed each recipe to have a min/max tech level to make it.
  • Changed each building to have a tech level for crafting.
  • Changed fuel to be consumed gradually instead of at once.
  • Rewrote how crafting is handled. Now smelters store all items while crafting is in progress.
  • Rewrote some terrain code so that flora selection can be separated from ore selection in the configuration files.
  • Removed Alumina requirement from building recipes.
  • Fixed bug where subregions where not being loaded properly
  • Fixed a small movement bug where it was sometimes preventing you from entering narrow caves and door ways.    
  • Fixed grapple billboarding to properly face the camera.
  • Fixed enter key not working in crafting amount select box.
  • Fixed extra ammo click when out of ammo and loading up individual cartridge weapon like the shotgun.
  • Fixed Players/objects/etc disappearing under water
  • Fixed bug in recipes that required water.



Released: 0.39

March 31st, 0.39 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added Options Menu
  • Added beds. Clicking on a bed now sets your spawn point and shows up as a point on your radar.
  • Added New installer for client.
  • Added sound for active smelters and campfires.
  • Added drop down list control
  • Added support for saving settings to Brutal Nature.cfg
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support to list box and scroll bar control.
  • Added check box control.
  • Added Slider control.
  • Added scripted support for adding sound to objects.
  • Added chairs.
  • Added instant Player death if he leaves world bounds.
  • Added Grapple disconnecting if the object or terrain its connected to is destroyed.
  • Added Buy Game button to escape menu.
  • Added small delay before client can move after server moves the player a large distance.
  • Changed Esc to clear chat.
  • Changed Backspace to no longer close chat when empty.
  • Rewrote movement and grapple code.
  • Rewrote escape menu.
  • Rewrote the backup player collision code used when a player is inside terrain.
  • Reduced vertex memory used by water by 75%
  • Reduced terrain damage caused by grapple hook.
  • Removed hard coding of terrain texture locations.
  • Improved error reporting on missing mod files.
  • Lowered the precision that most numbers are displayed as.
  • Lowered jump endurance usage by 30%.
  • Moved FPS counter slightly.
  • Locked edit distance in standard edit mode to prevent confusing state where standard edit mode behaves poorly.
  • Fixed Party menu to now show name of party you are in when you rejoin the game.
  • Fixed walking sounds not controlled by volume controls.
  • Fixed bug where the ocean was surrounded by walls.
  • Fixed object culling using frustum of last frame instead of current frame.
  • Fixed leak in flush branches function
  • Fixed cavern generator producing disconnected caverns.




Released: 0.38

March 13th, 0.38 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added tunnel and cavern generation system
  • Added fancy animated reflection shader to the water.
  • Added tunnel generation configuration settings to Server.cfg.
  • Added alternate volume settings for when quest voices are active.
  • Added 'Jump' endurance setting in server.cfg.
  • Added 'zoom' factor to weapons info if it has a scope.
  • Added settings for amount of time for CPU to sleep per frame while in focus and out of focus.
  • Added Player Vs Player, Player Vs Enemy, Player Vs Object, Player Vs Terrain and Enemy Vs Player damage scalers to server.cfg.
  • Added 'Material: None' when selecting no material for placement.
  • Added Username and Password setting to Brutal Nature.cfg for automatic log on to announce.
  • Added per object harvest endurance.
  • Added client version to login screen.
  • Added depth dependent transparency to the water.
  • Added AI factions and users now have relations with these factions. Faction relations reset on death. Killing NPCs reduces your relation with that faction and negative faction relations cause aggression range to greatly increase.
  • Added new shader management code to better support graphical settings that change how shaders are compiled and cache the results for faster load times.
  • Added gravel under riverbeds.
  • Added per NPC type sight range.
  • Lowered tree harvesting volume from 0.6 to 0.4
  • Increased the area the flashlight covers to make the caves easier to navigate.
  • Improved version rejection message to include client and server version.
  • Changed NPC count from 20 to 50
  • Changed NPC's to have a smaller aggression range with each NPC given a random aggression range in between the min and max aggression range for that NPC type.  
  • Changed ocean sound effect to have Z level of 0 instead of following the player.
  • Changed tutorial building objectives to be based on dropping the building, not making it.
  • Changed NPCs to be able to wander about at random.
  • Changed sound code so sound drop off works a little better.
  • Changed terrain texture loader to load dxt files.
  • Changed sky dome texture so the sun aligns with the reflections off the water.
  • Reduced number of chunks updated when destroying and editing terrain resulting in vastly reduced bandwidth and improved update times when editing terrain.
  • Fixed NPC's to no longer spawn within line of sight of player.
  • Fixed bug that was causing water to ripple up and down incorrectly.
  • Fixed some incorrectly cleaned up Angelscript objects.
  • Fixed minor bug in !pos command where spaces where missing from output.
  • Fixed grass from showing up on fresh dirt when digging by making it a separate material from dirt and only generated on the surface.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Fixed music player to no longer load songs when volume is set to 0.
  • Fixed up the shoreline of the water.


Released: 0.37

February 19th, 0.37 is now released:
  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added voiced tutorial.
  • Added quest menu
  • Added another in game tutorial quest: Basic Crafting
  • Added description to quests.
  • Added weight/encumbrance to ammo.
  • Added ammo count post fix to ammo categories.
  • Added accepted quest callbacks
  • Added some more quest callbacks to further flesh out the tutorial.
  • Added recording of in game chat to server log.
  • Added script callbacks for when a sound was done playing client side.
  • Added better error logging to the sound system.
  • Added check where if client simulates an object moving, it will request a position update for the object from the server if it does not get one soon afterwards. This prevents objects ending up in the wrong location on the client.
  • Expanded descriptions of various materials to include what they are used for and where to make them.
  • Increased small bonfire fuel capacity to 250 so it can convert a full load of coal using coal for fuel.
  • Changed encumbrance display text to better fit at 720p.
  • Changed edit boxes to fit text in 720p resolution a little better.
  • Changed text position on tree control.  
  • Removed "Party" heading text from Party menu as it was left over from when the party menu was separate.
  • Removed 12pt font as it was rendering poorly.
  • Reduced initial shotgun shell count from 300 to 200 and hook count from 400 to 200.
  • Reduced heat needed for refining copper oxide to copper by 25% to 75.
  • Reduced amount of copper oxide needed to make copper to 1.5 from 2.0.
  • Moved objects up slightly when being dropped by player so they won't fall into the world.
  • Moved most text in 720p mode moved over and down one pixel to better correspond with 1080p position.
  • Fixed text spacing bug in 720p resolution in crafting menu.
  • Fixed bug where client crashes when attempting to change the ammo of a melee weapon
  • Fixed empty ammo cases and case dies to have a category in the inventory menu.
  • Fixed bug where some weapons had the wrong reload sound.
  • Fixed crash when dropping ammo.
  • Fixed crash when pressing hotkeys while the game was loading.
  • Fixed bug in line wrap function to preserve color.
  • Fixed bug where leaving tab with drop sub menu open causes keyboard to be non responsive.
  • Fixed \ key not working in chat.
  • Fixed bug in authorization server.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to how quests where being stored.
  • Fixed crash when client received some callbacks during initialization.
  • Fixed bug where some quest callbacks where not being sent when user logs back in.
  • Fixed when opening inventory and crafting tab is loaded crafting tab open callback was not called.
  • Fixed bug where clicking drop button twice without closing drop menu causes things to not respond to mouse clicks.

Released: 0.36

January 30th, 0.36 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added 5 new materials.
  • Added chemistry recipes at the table for the new materials.
  • Added copper, iron, steel and HSS swords. Now 80 weapons total.
  • Added melee weapon specs to help menus.
  • Added 'tick' sound when console text appears.
  • Added pickup sound when picking up object from smelter menu.
  • Added sound for dropping objects.
  • Added new 'Endurance' effect for food.
  • Added a readout to tell you how much of each fuel a recipe would need.
  • Added indicator when you can't use a fuel for a recipe due to fuel quality.
  • Added encumbrance readout text to the inventory menu.
  • Added Small beehive oven.
  • Added map import scaling on server side so map files could be stored in a 0 to 1 scale on disk for ease of editing.
  • Added new variables for explosive ammo to better control its range and damage.
  • Added particle size randomness settings to particle system.
  • Added explosive ammo stats to help menu.
  • Added initial weapon hotkeys for new users.
  • Added debris when you shoot rocks
  • Added recipe to make coke and coal tar from bituminous coal at the beehive oven.
  • Added feedback to Rainforge to tell you when its done eroding a landscape.
  • Added 2 new shaders to Rainforge: Render preview and Color swap.
  • Added resolution settings for Rainforge to generate other size maps.
  • Added Beehive oven coke and charcoal recipes that are more efficient then using a bonfire.
  • Added melee attack support. Now all the pickaxes can be used as melee weapons.
  • Added dds texture exporter for Rainforge.
  • Added cone particle systems.
  • Changed the rock and soil and water impact effects. Now much higher quality.
  • Changed Mushrooms to damage health but increase endurance for 50 seconds.
  • Changed Beehive oven recipe to require more granite and use alumina instead of marble.
  • Changed large forge to require less alumina and mortar.
  • Changed the region distortion noise to load from a 256x256 8bit DDS file.
  • Changed server to load .dds files for height map, sediment map and water map for world generation.
  • Changed explosion particle effect to better respond to size the explosion.
  • Changed Charcoal and coke recipes to require a small amount of fuel to heat the charge.
  • Changed sound of 7.62x39mm weapons so that each shot was more distinctive and less of a drone.
  • Changed sound of .44 magnum weapons to 48khz sample rate and removed short delay at start of sound.
  • Changed the terrain generator algorithm to produce more interesting separations between regions.
  • Changed Rainforge to stop processing once files have been exported.
  • Increased the fuel value of coal in the game to 0.8 for bituminous and 0.9 for anthracite to better reflect real life fuel values.
  • Increased the fuel needed to smelt Wolframite to Tungsten to 200%.
  • Lowered terrain damage from non explosive weapons.
  • Moved recipe Roast Covellite, Recover Sulfuric Acid from bonfire to beehive oven.
  • Bound more of the internal game math classes to the script engine.
  • Removed 2 materials.
  • Fixed hud rendering while using sniper scope.
  • Fixed crash when assigning hotkeys.
  • Fixed smelter menu to act same when double clicking fuel and recipe items.
  • Fixed a server crash bug relating to saving/loading of dropped objects.
  • Fixed bug where client was using the wrong mining rate to figure out what sound to play on mining attempts.
  • Fixed bug where MK108 would not fire.
  • Fixed bug where stats and party menu was showing up before game was fully loaded.
  • Fixed bug where in 'worms mode' invalid ammo would spawn with pickaxes.
  • Fixed a bug where the client could attempt to reconnect to announce server after it had already partially initialized gameplay but timed out while doing so.
  • Fixed bug that preventing other players weapons sounds from playing.
  • Fixed DDS loader not closing files.
  • Fixed where you would fall on login as the world had not generated yet.
  • Fixed a bug in x64 builds where game content was not loading.
  • Fixed sending of excess mining sound to other players when a player repeatedly mines zero material due to lag.