Brutal Nature

Currently, you can download a free to play alpha of Brutal Nature. New versions are released every 2 to 4 weeks with new features and content so check back often. For currently supported features check out our information page!


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The developer is working full time on this game. pre-orders will be used to buy art assets and fund development.


System Requirements: 

  • Video: DirectX 10 capable video card with 512MB Video RAM
  • Operating System Supported: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM: 1GB or greater
  • 400MB disk space

Current Version: 0.54

Download Brutal Nature:

downloadInstaller (203MB)


Zip Archive (240MB)


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Change Log

Released: 0.54

2015 February 26th, 0.54 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added Smsher, the Brutal Nature model conversion program.
  • Added Rainforge to the Brutal Nature Installer. Rainforge is the GPU accelerated terrain heightmap fluid erosion generator for Brutal Nature.
  • Added Bows and arrows.
  • Added explosive arrows.
  • Added rope arrows.
  • Added Chome-Moly and Tool steel Sword.
  • Added Chome-Moly and Tool steel Knife.
  • Added armor to Black Bears, Grizzly bears and Spiders.
  • Added MRE's to treasure chests.
  • Added frame limiter setting to Brutal Nature.cfg for when the game is in the login menu to prevent excessive GPU usage.
  • Added better error reporting when client quits due to port already bound or mods fail to load.
  • Added additional info on metal shapes on how to make the parent metal.
  • Added server name to mouseover text for server icon.
  • Added exception to for German locales to not bind VK_OEM_3, Used for ~ on English keyboards but Ö (O with umlaut) on German keyboards.
  • Added NPC's armor stats mPiercingArmor and mBluntArmor.
  • Added mGoreHP, to determine when a dead NPC is turned into gore. Default level will be twice the previous gore level.
  • Changed size of fire brick recipe to 1.
  • Changed recipe capacity of small kiln to 20 and kiln to 100.
  • Changed color of Player built chests to a stylish blue color to differentiate them from spawned treasure chests.
  • Changed how grapple works. It now depends on the ammo subtype instead of the weapon. This was done to support rope arrows being fired from normal bows.
  • Changed how explosives work when the projectile impacts the target. Now explosives that impact the target directly always give 100% damage and result in piercing damage instead of blunt. The damage also gain any armor piercing and piercing damage multiplier bonuses of the projectile. This should make small high explosive projectiles much more effective and allow different types of explosive projectiles.
  • Changed color of advanced smelter, electric smelter and bessemer converter so you can tell them apart
  • Changed color of bonfires a darker color to distinguish them from camp fires.
  • Merged Camp Fire Light and Camp Fire functionality.
  • Renamed Edible mushroom to Mushroom
  • Removed melee weapons ability to damage materials with a mining level of 3 or higher.
  • Removed grapple pistol from starting equipment.
  • Increased underground spawns by 30%
  • Increased Covellite vein thickness by 20%
  • Increased Rock salt veins thickness by 50%
  • Increased price of Coke and Charcoal to 5.
  • Increased damage of knives slightly.
  • Increased prices of Chromium, Chromium Oxide, Sodium Chromate, Sodium Vanadate, Ammonium Vanadate, Vanadium Pentoxide, Ferrochromium, Vanadium by 100%.
  • Increased most pickaxes durability.
  • Increased Ammo box size by 20% to make finding them easier.
  • Increased size of bonfires.
  • Increased fuel capacity of basic smelter to 20.
  • Increased calcium oxide used in Mortar to 0.1
  • Increased calcium oxide used in Refractory Mortar to 0.1
  • Increased fuel capacity of small bonfire.
  • Increased number of fire bricks needed for most buildings.
  • Reduced chance of finding ammo/weapons in treasure chests to 20%
  • Reduced heat used for making copper wire to 0.5.
  • Reduced heat for electric motor to 0.5.
  • Reduced price of Flint to 0.5.
  • Reduced price of Plant Fiber to 0.5.
  • Reduced charcoal needed in Steel cementation recipe to 0.25
  • Reduced calcium carbonate used in blast furnace to make pig iron by 50%
  • Reduced kaolin needed by firebrick recipe by 90%.
  • Reduced heat needed by firebrick recipe by 90%.
  • Reduced Black Bears, Grizzly bears and spiders HP slightly.
  • Reduced pickaxe weight by 50%.
  • Reduced knife weight by 50%.
  • Reduced Cassiterite veins thickness by 30%.
  • Fixed bug where scoped weapons where using the wrong endurance to attack values.
  • Fixed bug where players ammo dropped on death could end up under ground.
  • Fixed bug where entering wiring mode was crashing the X64 build of the game client.
  • Fixed bug where users could see objects load before the terrain did.
  • Fixed strange movement behavior when using x64 build of client.
  • Fixed typo in error messages.
  • Fixed bug where smelters would run out of fuel shortly before they are done cooking.


Released: 0.53

February 12th, 0.53 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Now including 64 bit Client/Server. 32 bit versions are also included postfixed with x32.
  • Added new avatar: Deon
  • Added new avatar: Jeff
  • Added new avatar: Wilson.
  • Added animation retargeting to model converter. Now I can import avatars with different body proportions.
  • Added mining levels to pickaxes, Now some materials need higher levels pickaxes to mine.
  • Added durability lost to pickaxes while mining.
  • Added mineral Corundum. Second hardest mineral known to man, it will require tool steel pickaxes to mine.
  • Added MRE's, also known as 'Meal, Ready-to-eat", changed starting inventory food to MRE's.
  • Added a second rock salt region with thicker deposits spawning deeper down.
  • Changed many prices.
  • Changed food to restore food stat over 1 second instead of several seconds.
  • Changed mining to give you an adjustable amount of material per voxel, default will be 1/64th.
  • Changed how inventory screen displays quantities and prices to be more consistent.
  • Moved Chromite to forest biome.
  • Increased max power for electrolysis cell by 100%
  • Increased power for recipes that make hydrogen by 100%
  • Increased tool cost of MK108 by 100%
  • Increased materials used by Rifle Receiver
  • Increased endurance from endurance potions by 100%.
  • Reduced mining speed by 50%. Massive overhaul to recipes to re-balance for these changes.
  • Reduced viewing range to 400 feet by default.
  • Reduced size of cast handle recipe by 50%
  • Reduced wood harvested from trees by 100 fold.
  • Reduced size of forge handle recipe by 50%
  • Fixed bug where melee weapons did not lose damage with condition.
  • Fixed bug where text could go a little too far to the right before line wrapping.
  • Fixed bug when you hold down alt and press control you could be left in a state where you could not chat anymore until you pressed control again.


Released: 0.52

January 28th, 0.52 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added two new avatars: Danny and Maria
  • Added Barter Menu
  • Added Script based vendor inventory system.
  • Added Poison Gland, can be harvested from spiders.
  • Added Endurance Potion made from mushrooms and poison glands.
  • Added food spoilage. Meats now turn into spoiled meat with time and spoiled meat will slowly disappear from your inventory on its own. Mushrooms and berries also spoil. Cooked meats spoil slower then uncooked meats.
  • Added new walking sound for NPCs.
  • Added prices to items.
  • Added durability display in armor/weapon info.
  • Added per weapon and per armor durability settings.
  • Added Cash to personal stats menu.
  • Added NPC stand off distance. This is the distance NPCs will stand away from their target.
  • Added NPC attack range setting for each NPC.
  • Added a viewing angle limit for NPCs so they can't see behind them.
  • Added settings in server.cfg to limit sidestep and backwards movement speed.
  • Added weight to food.
  • Added context text when cross-hairs are over camp fire lights.
  • Added a hematite biome for medium size veins at medium depths.
  • Increased deep hematite veins thickness.
  • Increased HP of boars by 50%
  • Re-recorded the first tutorial quests voice over with a new microphone.
  • Removed clothing from the game as it didn't seem to be fulfilling much of a purpose right now.
  • Reduced time to roast meat to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced time to make mud bricks to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced distance walking sounds can be heard by 50%
  • Reduced backwards and sidestep movement speed.
  • Reduced Boar speed by 30%
  • Reduced food used by endurance regeneration by 60%.
  • Reduced food recovered from food items by 50%
  • Reduced meat from boars by 30%.
  • Reduced aggro range of boars by 30%.
  • Reduced size range for NPCs.
  • Reduced size of grizzly bears slightly.
  • Reduced Berry bush spawn by 80%.
  • Reduced mushroom spawn by 50%.
  • Reduced bauxite spawn at surface by 50%.
  • Reduced lead spawn by 50%.
  • Reduced pyrite veins thickness.
  • Limited player spawn to Z levels below 150 to prevent spawning on sky structures.
  • Fixed armor going to negative condition.
  • Fixed Personal stats menu to display armor resistances taking into account current armor condition.
  • Fixed gScript.AddPeriodicScript to use the period given.
  • Fixed double click to only be triggered if the mouse had not moved much since last click.
  • Fixed Avatar menu to closes after picking an avatar.
  • Fixed bug in the NPC spawning routine that could cause the server to crash.
  • Fixed Account menu to close when you connect to a server.
  • Fixed Tree List to respond to double clicks correctly.
  • Fixed bug where double clicking some categories could result in unexpected recipes being selected


Released: 0.51

January 4th, 0.51 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added new shader for the NPC's. Now they are lit much better.
  • Added Subtitles to quests
  • Added account menu. Accounts can now be registered to a key and the status of accounts (paid/free) is passed to the server.
  • Added menu item in account menu to change account password.
  • Added menu item in account menu register E-mail addresses to an account for password recovery when that feature is added. Note that registering an e-mail account is optional and will only be used for password recovery.
  • Added menu item in account menu to see your total play time across all online servers.
  • Added option to display ping next to FPS.
  • Added paste form clipboard support to console/chat window.
  • Added paste option to all edit boxes by pressing ctrl+v.
  • Added ability for certain avatars to be restricted to pre-order only accounts.
  • Added better handling of users attempting to open empty treasure chests.
  • Added Mouse wheel filter option to config file.
  • Increased max condition of weapons in treasure chests from 40% to 60%.
  • Increased rarity of Smithsonite and Cerussite ores.
  • Optimised client side collision function slightly.
  • Optimized world loading slightly.
  • Fixed bug that could spawn empty treasure chests.
  • Fixed Projectile vs player collision to take into account animation.
  • Fixed duplicate Ash from wood recipe in bonfire.
  • Fixed bug where player could be seen at the location he died for a single frame when he respawned.
  • Fixed bug where interact with players was not taking into account animation.
  • Fixed bug where unequipped armors still gave you armor bonuses.
  • Fixed bug in instanced object shader not taking into account world shadow.
  • Fixed bug caused by optimizations in the last version, bug would sometimes cause random severe slow downs while the world is loading.
  • Fixed bug in edit box not allowing '-' after the 1st character.


Released: 0.50

December 15th, 0.50 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added two avatars.
  • Added avatar Selection menu.
  • Added run, idle and jumping animations for players.
  • Added a new scripting function (gMaterials.RecipeMakes) to check if a recipe makes a certain item.
  • Added new shader for displaying models in the GUI.
  • Optimized the vertex upload of terrain data, game play should be much smoother as the map loads now.     
  • Changed flashlight effect to not illuminate so much around the player when in use.
  • Changed script function that add weapons to support weapons with different conditions.
  • Changed Weapons spawned in crates to have lower condition to promote making your own weapons.
  • Changed Cassiterite to be darker so it would stand out more.
  • Changed model loader slightly to make reusing of animations easier.
  • Improved world download speeds.
  • Removed shortcut in basic tools quest that checked if you had a hammer since you can now get hammers from chests instead of crafting them.
  • Reduced health damage from eating uncooked boar meat and mushrooms.
  • Fixed NPC's, wiring, etc from being visible past terrain viewing range as the world downloads.
  • Fixed explosive weapons to use correct bounding box for animated NPC's and avatars.
  • Fixed bug in recipes using bronze shapes.
  • Fixed bug in recipes using 'Wood Ash'
  • Fixed bug where treasure chests with nothing in them could spawn.
  • Fixed bug relating to mouse not updating its center position if the user moved the window.
  • Fixed bug where NPC's could appear backwards at times.
  • Fixed bugs in the FBX animation export code.