Brutal Nature

Currently, you can download a free to play alpha of Brutal Nature. New versions are released every 2 to 4 weeks with new features and content so check back often. For currently supported features check out our information page!


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The developer is working full time on this game. pre-orders will be used to buy art assets and fund development.


System Requirements: 

  • Video: DirectX 10 capable video card with 512MB Video RAM
  • Operating System Supported: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM: 1GB or greater
  • 300MB disk space

Current Version: 0.46

Download Brutal Nature:

downloadInstaller (181MB)


Zip Archive (209MB)


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Change Log

Released: 0.46

August 25th, 0.46 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added new Spider NPC.
  • Added new pickaxes: Chrome-moly steel and Tool Steel. Changed pickaxe, knife and sword recipes to use metal bars.
  • Added history buffer for player packets so weapons fire could use the position of objects as it was when the weapon was fired with lag taken into account.
  • Added interpolation between user updates.
  • Added interpolation between NPC updates.
  • Added lag compensation to NPC packets.
  • Added option in cfg file for mouse cursor to restore to last known position or centered when you enter GUI mode.
  • Added underground NPC spawning.
  • Changed NPC's to follow the terrain better and will not climb up or walk through walls of 8 height or taller. They will also avoid very deep pits.
  • Changed tool recipes start at 1.0 produced per recipe for copper instead of 0.5.
  • Increased size of NPCs slightly.
  • Improved NPC update code, merging multiple NPC updates in a single frame into one packet and updating NPC's based on the distance to user.
  • Improved some material descriptions.
  • Reduced amount of tools consumed when making other tools by about 60%
  • Reduced silica glass requirement of graphite electrodes from 5 to 2.
  • Fixed category setting of several items.
  • Fixed bug where pressing F to open an interact menu with another menu open would cause the already open menu not to be unloaded correctly.
  • Fixed bug where logging on after the server had been running for exactly 10 seconds might cause the user to not be able to see NPCs.
  • Fixed Glove Liners to be under layer. Tracked down an exceptionally hard to reproduce bug.
  • Fixed bug where calcium hydroxide recipe was at wrong chemistry table level preventing glass from being made.
  • Fixed bug where material preview would show up in main help menu.
  • Fixed bug where screen capture software was not recording the mouse cursor.


Released: 0.45

July 31st, 0.45 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added a new gunsmithing system.
  • Added a preview of what the material looks like on the help page for each material. Click materials names in a recipe to see it.
  • Added Vanadinite, a bright red vanadium ore used for making Vanadium. Vanadium is an important metal for steel alloys.
  • Added Pyrolusite, an ore of manganese for alloying steels.
  • Added Molybdenite, an ore of molybdenum for alloying steels.
  • Added Chromite, an ore of Chromium for alloying steels.
  • Added Aluminum refining recipe from Alumina.
  • Added some new coal byproduct recipes.
  • Added click sound when locking onto an edge to move in advanced edit mode.
  • Added scroll bar to 'Linked Text' GUI element. Changed advanced edit mode to respect grid. Lots of tweaking to the new recipes.
  • Added compression to some of the initialization data.
  • Added region density setting to server.cfg.
  • Added support for #include in scripts.
  • Added better error reporting for scripts.
  • Added some more material descriptions.
  • Added Pyrite to iron oxide recipes at bonfire/beehive.
  • Added Pyrite to sulfur acid description.
  • Changed making cases to uses up case dies, you can produce 100 cases from each case die.
  • Changed Case dies to be produced from steel.
  • Changed how the tree menu deals with multiple collapsed categories.
  • Changed grinding recipes to produce some sand as a byproduct.
  • Changed recipe names to be in a more standardized format.
  • Changed Enet to enable CRC32 checks.
  • Changed netcode to make use of Enet channels for lowered lag.
  • Changed cursor to hardware cursor to reduce mouse lag in the GUI.
  • Changed some scripts by splitting them up into more files.
  • Changed silica glass to take 10x as much power and use Graphite Electrodes.
  • Changed tutorial quest so that dropping a campfire now shortcuts the craft a campfire quest segment.
  • Changed Sperrylite so it can also be refined to raw platinum at the electric smelter.
  • Reduced weight of ceramic armor by 30%.
  • Reduced coal tar output of beehive oven to 20%. Reduced capacity of beehive ovens by 50%.
  • Reduced water and oleum used to turn oleum into sulfuric acid.
  • Increased region density.
  • Removed elemental Sodium and related recipes until it has better uses.
  • Removed Wolframite and tungsten until it has better uses.
  • Fixed bug when clicking category in inventory menu a recipe's info would appear.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause you to get flung in a random direction at low FPS or when the game stutters.
  • Fixed bug where when players rejoined, players in their party would not see them on radar.
  • Fixed bug where packet loss value reported was incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where in dynamic edit mode, sometimes not all chunks were properly updated.
  • Fixed bug where when user is interacting with smelter and gets a request to trade, after accepting his window closes and trade fails.
  • Fixed bug where AddProduct was called by script with non existent item, user would get an item with no name.
  • Fixed bug where recipes were requiring 'required' materials in addition to 'input' materials when required materials where intended to count towards the input.
  • Fixed bug when changing from sphere to square editing mode, sometimes square editing mode did not work properly.


Released: 0.44

July 11th, 0.44 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added new way to edit terrain: Create a cube then push/pull its faces, edges and vertices to edit on arbitrary angles.
  • Added many chemistry recipes.
  • Added high pressure chamber for making ammonia, and electrolytic cell for making sodium hydroxide, hydrogen, etc.
  • Added basic, advanced and electric chemistry table. Split the chemistry recipes up into tiers for the different tables.
  • Added terrain Chalcopyrite, a gold colored copper/iron sulfide ore.
  • Added terrain Sperrylite, a black and gold colored platinum ore found in Chalcophrite. Platinum is a very important catalyst for many chemical reactions.
  • Added terrain Pyrite: a gold colored iron sulfide ore, otherwise known as fools gold, it is vital to early production of sulfuric acid.
  • Added terrain Sal Ammoniac. A light brown crystal that is a source of ammonium chloride.
  • Added platinum refining recipes.
  • Added culling to far off wires.
  • Added crafting completion sound when doing inventory crafting.
  • Added sediment on ocean floor to obscure ores that are found there.
  • Added info when you select a fuel in the smelter menu.
  • Added server refresh button.
  • Added recipe power requirements to recipe info.
  • Added line wrap to recipe descriptions.
  • Added filter for server names.
  • Added brick oven object.
  • Added brick oven model.
  • Added kiln for cooking bricks. Added kiln model.
  • Added bloomery model for basic smelter.
  • Added glass shader and some basic transparency support for models in BN's engine.
  • Increased ammo recipe size by 500%.
  • Increased max power consumption of electric smelter to 20KW.
  • Increased power consumption of most electric smelter recipes by 500%.
  • Changed the brightness and contrast of Saltpeter to make it stand out more.
  • Changed camp fire light use fuel to run.
  • Changed MK108 firing sound to be much louder.
  • Changed sizes and position of elements in smelter menu slightly.
  • Changed 20KW generator to 50KW generator.
  • Changed sunlight to fade out to 0 at 300 feet below sea level.
  • Fixed bug where turning off wiring mode while placing a wire results in you being in wire placement mode when you enable it again.
  • Fixed bug where when placing a wire that joints another wire, it left you in the mode to place more segments even though you can't connect 3 wires together without a junction box.
  • Fixed being attacked by NPCs while game is still loading.
  • Fixed falling into the void when traveling into unloaded areas of the map.
  • Fixed minor bug with scroll bar on tree list menu.
  • Fixed recipes with long names overflowing the recipe menu for the smelter.
  • Fixed text scrolling off the side of window when you are typing a long chat message.
  • Fixed 'limit recipe quantity if smelter can't handle the power' function to prevent reducing integral recipes to fractions, hence consuming materials but not producing outputs.
  • Fixed bug where required items in a recipe where not being properly held by the smelter.
  • Fixed sorting order of building crafting categories to be sorted by tech level of building instead of alphabetically.
  • Fixed server tray icon not disappearing when server shuts down due to error.
  • Fixed bug where objects and players did not always respond properly to lighting.
  • Fixed bug where quest voice volume setting was not working without restarting the game.
  • Fixed bug that caused small patches of Cerussite ore to appear in the tunnels.
  • Fixed bug where the scroll bar was not tracking the keyboard selection properly in the tree list menu.
  • Fixed bug where MK108 could not be crafted because electric forge was limited to 5KW.
  • Fixed bug where belt fed weapons with no ammo remaining would crash the client.
  • Fixed bug with electric smelters not drawing the correct amount of power.


Released: 0.43

June 20th, 0.43 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added a death respawn delay.
  • Added death music.
  • Added sounds for grapple retract, grapple brake, flashlight on/off and for traveling quickly through the air.
  • Added knives.
  • Added steel knife to player starting inventory.
  • Added server setting to disable players movement affecting weapons fire.
  • Added descriptions to some recipes.
  • Added recycle recipes for all clothing.
  • Added periodic saving to server, by default it is set to save every 30 minutes.
  • Added sound for after you die when you slide down hills.
  • Added shuffle to music files so a different soundtrack is loaded each time the game starts.
  • Added save/loading capability for scripts.
  • Added 'wiring mode' text to GUI when in wiring mode.
  • Moved Armor recycling to smelter.
  • Moved Graphite Element to tech level 3.
  • Moved swords to Weapon>Sword category for crafting.
  • Changed the tree/flora spawning system to have different categories and to maintain a number of items for each category.
  • Changed noclip to be disabled by default in server.cfg.
  • Changed grapple hook end to stay off screen.
  • Changed inventory crafting menu to no longer asks for a quantity if you can only ever make 1.
  • Changed server to keep around last save, renamed to '.old'
  • Changed server to reject players gracefully when it hits its user limit.
  • Increased 'size' of case recipes by 500%
  • Improved description of some terrain types.
  • Reduced volume and range of footsteps sounds.
  • Rebalanced swords and pickaxes damage.
  • Rebalanced recipes for swords.
  • Tweaked console text positions and font sizes.
  • Tweaked grapple movement some more.
  • Tweaked crafting tutorial to better reflect current state of the game and tells you to make a basic table and small bonfire.
  • Fixed bug causing NPCs to become stuck.
  • Fixed armor recycling recipes not using up the armor.
  • Fixed clients not registering bullet collisions with local player correctly.
  • Fixed tutorial voice using the wrong volume setting.
  • Fixed ObjectRefArray::Validate script function not properly removing invalid objects from the array.
  • Fixed other players seeing grapple attach when it should not have, when another player shoots an NPC with it.
  • Fixed server crash if admin used slay on someone who didn't exist.
  • Fixed tutorial requiring a table to be made instead of a basic table.
  • Fixed FindHighestVoxel failing to find a valid voxel.
  • Fixed gravity causing very slow slide down gentle hills.
  • Fixed excessive decimal places displayed on smelter menu.
  • Fixed server leaving tray icon in tray after shut down.
  • Fixed server not saving world when computer was shut down.
  • Fixed 'Recycle>Case' recipes.
  • Fixed required items for recipes being replicated.


Released: 0.42

May 31st, 0.42 is now released:


  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added trade menu.
  • Added buildable containers. Randomly spawned treasure chests in the world are set so you can't pick them up, only take there contents and they will disappear when empty.
  • Added support for armor to be used as recipe ingredients.
  • Added recycle recipes for armor.
  • Added ability to see whats in a container spawned by dropping an item by mousing over it.
  • Added mouse over help to ingredients of recipes.
  • Added ETA to recipe info.
  • Added new info panel to smelter and inventory crafting menu that shows info on the item to be crafted.
  • Added player health/endurance regeneration settings to server.cfg.
  • Added "Damage at point blank range" to info for weapons.
  • Added sorting to tree lists. Hence the inventory and containers are now sorted.
  • Changed tree list menu to remove categories that only have one item in them and just display the item directly. This simplifies the inventory early on in the game and in containers.
  • Changed category of swords to Sword.
  • Changed Players to drop carried object on death.
  • Changed projectiles damage to depend on the exact speed at impact instead of the speed at the end of the server frame so that point blank damage is correct as air drag was reducing it slightly.
  • Changed the main HUD to take up less room.
  • Changed how the linked text and help menu works internally.
  • Changed radar to be separate from HUD display.
  • Changed radar texture.
  • Removed Colt Python and Winchester Model 1897 from starting inventory and replaced with Beretta PX4.
  • Removed hidden blunt damage reduction and instead gave ammo a higher pierced damage modifier.
  • Fixed wrong NPC name being shown on NPC interact menu.
  • Fixed health bar stretching.